5 Questions to Ask Before Joining A Country Club

Naples, located on the Gulf of Mexico, is known for its immaculately clean white sand beaches and land reserves like Florida Panthers National Wildlife Refuge, Big Cypress National Preserve, Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge, etc.

More than anything, though, there are many renowned country club membership in Naples, FL. The reason is simple – the metropolis is popularly called the ‘Golf Capital of the World.’ It has over 1400 golf courses, out of which 80 are championship golf courses.

It’s also the prime spot for an all-around golf tour, so getting a country club membership in Naples, FL is a good decision if you reside there. Before you do so, though, ask these five essential questions!

Why do you want to join a country club?

First, ask yourself what you truly aim to do with a country club membership. Is it because you want to hone your golfing skills? Or do you want access to luxurious amenities like pools, tennis courts, a gym, etc.? Are you looking to expand your network, interact with potential clients and aid the growth of your business? Is the membership only for your peruse, or if your family will use it too?

Once you attain clarity on these pivotal questions, it will help you understand whether you belong at a golf club or a country club. And no, these two places are not the same thing!

  1. Is a golf club a better choice than a country club?

The country club will offer you a wide variety of amenities and social events that are family oriented. It is more than just golf courses! So, the country club is for you if you want to lounge with your family at a pool or enjoy a tennis match. Choose a golf club if you are more focused on excelling at golf. The luxurious offering may be limited, but it wouldn’t matter much if your focus is on the game.

  1. Entirely or semi-private: which one is for you?

The next important thing to determine is which kind of membership will suit your needs.

Whichever country club is your top priority, check whether it offers a fully private or semi-private membership.

Bonus tip: if you still want to keep golfing high on priority at a country club, pick a semi-private club. It attracts a lot more golfers than a private club.

  1. Are there any rules at the club?

Every country club has a specific set of rules they want their members to follow. So, when you check out country clubs, ask the manager for a handbook of rules that specify regulations concerning phone use, dress code, business talk, guests allowed, etc.

  1. What’s the cost of membership?

Country clubs are usually privately owned organizations; hence joining these come with a price. The fees cover club activities, upgrades, staffing, and maintenance. You will also be required to pay annual dues, which may cost you a couple of thousand bucks monthly. There is also an initiation fee, which is a one-time joining expense.

Certain clubs may have imposed other financial obligations like extra charges for golf carts, lockers, etc.

Wrapping up

Having a country club membership is a boon if you love the possibility of spending rejuvenating, bonding with your family, and finding extra-curricular activities you enjoy.