Bitcoin mixer –  a good tool for your financial safety and privacy

The rapid development of information technology transforms the modern economic system. Even those who have never used cryptocurrencies and do not understand what mining is have heard about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology today.

The basis of blockchain technology is distributed data storage. This allows you to store important information simultaneously on many servers (all network members) while storing it openly and securely.

So, there is a common incorrect statement that Bitcoin is anonymous itself. In reality, this is not the case, bitcoin is pseudo-anonymous. While BTC addresses are associated with a real person, every transaction on the network will also be tied to the user. This is possible due to the publicity and consistency of operations. Bitcoin tumbler (or Bitcoin mixer) helps to anonymize any transaction by disconnecting from the user. The main task of the bitcoin mixer is to remove all connections between the sender and his Bitcoin. In this case, Bitmix can be recommended. BitMix is one of the relatively new services, which takes first place in the list of the best bitcoin mixers.

Advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin mixers

In theory, these services work just fine. However, not every site is 100% efficient, and traditional mixing mechanisms can face a number of problems.

Another urgent problem is the huge number of scam projects in the network. At the same time, fraudsters have nothing to fear, because the person they are deceiving is unlikely to go to the police or the court, knowing that she herself is violating the law in one way or another. Therefore, there is no regulation in this area, the work is built without trust.

Finally, there is a risk that the client (or his addressee) will receive “dirty” money. As a result, when government agencies deal with money laundering, they can reach a person who, in fact, is innocent.