Brield dedicated to serving customers

The delivery does not arrive. And when the merchandise arrives, it unpacks in pieces or is not what you ordered, the only place the customer turns in the customer service department.

Customer service is a necessary part of any order fulfillment or 3rd party shipping provider. Brield, a leader in the supply chain industry, has set up a customer service with exemplary standards.

“We take all calls with the same level of professionalism and undivided attention as if it’s the only call that matters,” the company says on its website at “Our trained customer support team will dedicate all their resources to get you back on track.”

Distinguishing between services

Third-party shipping providers offer some standard features in their customer service department. But some set them apart. Here are some of the components that make up a top-level customer service department and some differences.


This company, owned by Omnitech International, is committed to making sure customers get unparalleled service and promises 100 percent customer satisfaction. “We won’t back down from traveling the extra mile to ensure our customers are truly taken care of,” the company states on its website.

Brield, which is both an order fulfillment provider and offers mail forwarding services, has a comprehensive customer service that includes:

  • Two customer service representatives assigned to each business account.
  • Customers get competitive rates and personalized attention.
  • Access to a customized service plan.


The company has developed a unique personal shopping service to assist customers. Shoppers can request the items they want and NyBox will make the purchase.

The personal shopping service has a standard and a premium membership program:

  • The “Buy for Me” option for both standard and premium members.
  • No commission fees for purchases made at some United States retailers.
  • Shopping tools. These shopping tools allow customers to search for specific products and locate the best available prices online.
  • Our personal shopping service specialists stay current on the best online coupons available, passing those savings along to you.
  • Access to most popular items on some shopping sites.


At Borderlinx, which focuses on international shipping, the company provides members a list of customer services features that range from getting started to closing out an account.

The customer service program includes:

  • A shopping assistant. This feature allows customers to shop directly from supported U.S. and United Kingdom merchants without requiring them to check-out from those websites.
  • Concierge service.
  • A list of explanatory articles.
  • Provide monitoring and security at storage facilities.
  • A trained customer staff.
  • Subscription to a company newsletter. The newsletter keeps the customer updated on the latest developments, industry news, offers, and special sales.


At Ship7, the company invites customers also offer the option to let the company undertake the shipping.

Customers will be required to provide the customer support team descriptions of the items, quantity, product number, and the merchant website selling the product. And the company takes over the shopping duties from there. It charges customers a fee and the opportunity to track orders.