Choosing Between Stock and Custom Sized Packaging Boxes

Folding box packaging has been kicking around for a hundred years and is currently a billion-dollar global industry. Most common packaging boxes, particularly corrugated plastic boards, are manufactured from only a single sheet of cardboard. It can either be paperboard, fiberboard or corrugated plastic board. Boxes are used to pack almost every product you can think of.

Cardboard boxes are the most common packaging boxes found in retail stores. They come in two varieties: rough and smooth. Rough-cardboard boxes are also called corrugated boxes and are commonly used to store delicate goods that need protection from dirt, moisture and scratches. Smooth-cardboard boxes are also called flat-pack boxes and are used for regular household goods like books, newspapers, figurines, DVD’s, CDs and DVDs.

Corrugated boxes are made of multiple layers of corrugated material stacked tightly to make a rigid but flexible box. It was invented by the German pulp manufacturer Frick, who also developed many other technologies including corrugated sheet metals, coroplast, synthetic fiberboards and plastics. They were among the first manufacturers of flat packed products. The unique manufacturing process of coroplast makes it ideal for use in packaging boxes. Coroplast is resistant to sunlight, moisture, termites and chemicals and is also resistant to fire.

In the early days, flat packed cartons were referred to as coroplast. Today they are often called by different names like coroplast, corrugated cartons, accordion cartons, accordioned cartons, multi-shelf cartons, multi-fold cartons or multi-box cartons. They are more commonly used in the food service industry where they are used to pack salad dressings, peanut butter, dairy products, fruits and other perishable items. In the home packaging industry, they are mainly used to pack confections, dried fruits, snacks and moist snacks.

Customized packaging boxes are available in many standard sizes that are commonly used in the food service industry. You can also order a custom box style that is specially designed to meet your individual or business needs. You can have your logo or company name printed on these boxes for an additional cost. You can also request for a specialty box design. Many online businesses sell customized boxes that come in a variety of materials and colors. For an extra fee you can request for a specialty box style that has extra padding or compartments, a corner panel or divider and a signature label.

In addition to traditional paperboard and corrugated boxes many companies are using high density plastics as packaging materials. These types of boxes are available in cardboard style and are suitable for use in the food service industry.