Fire Risk Assessment in Singapore: 4 Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Fire risk assessment in Singapore is essential in preventing injuries or loss of lives during an actual fire accident. While these instances are rare, companies should remain vigilant. Remember that lives and properties are at stake. With that in mind, here are four mistakes you need to avoid regarding fire risk assessment.

Lack of Fire Drills

While fire drills may be a nuisance to most employees, regular practice aims to inform everyone on what to do when disaster strikes. Lack of preparedness tends to cause panic, which causes more injuries than the accident. Therefore, if everyone knows what to do, everything becomes more manageable when something occurs. Consider doing regular drills as part of your fire risk assessment. Increase the frequency if the establishment is a high risk.

No One Knows How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Most fire accidents start small. However, these situations worsen when no one knows how to use a fire extinguisher. Remember that these items are not for display purposes. Therefore, companies should train their employees on using these things as part of their fire risk assessment.

Placing Fire Hazards Beside Sources of Heat

While it is convenient to place fuel and other flammable materials near equipment that requires them, a single spark can cause these items to ignite. Therefore, safety should be a higher priority than convenience. Never place these things near heat sources. If you have rooms composed of mass engineered timber in Singapore, never place anything flammable in them, as it can hasten the fire growth despite its fire resistance features.

No Fire Safety Plan

Having a realistic and solid plan for what happens during a fire accident is essential in minimising the damages and potential loss of life. Without it, employees may panic, which can worsen the situation. Moreover, companies are unable to detect vulnerabilities as there are no inspections. If you don’t know how to create one, consider hiring fire protection consultants.

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