How Does WFM Provide Good Management For Call Center Companies?

What does a well-managed call center describe to you? How can you have a well-managed call center business? The workforce management software & Call Centre Rostering is an effective two-bound app that creates a good workflow and management of agents’ workforces and production at a workplace.

Functions of Workforce Management software?

WFM or WFO actually comprises different functions. In smaller call centers, one individual performs all the functions, while in large centers, having an entire team devoted to WFM is not unusual. There is a marked increase in several suppliers offering third-party WFM services. The basic functions of Workforce Management include:

  • Forecasting
  • Reporting
  • Tracking
  • Scheduling

Steps of Call Center WFM

So, what exactly is a call center WFM? There are steps that provide you with an indication of Workforce Management used in call centers, such as:

  • Historical data. It is the first thing to do – to hold all previous data. You will find information needed in your ACD, including:
  • Calls answered
  • Calls offered
  • Average handling time
  • Grade of service/Service levels

You should run reports for intraday and running back reports on time you had ACD installed.

  • Forecasting. There are many things that influenced forecasting, including:
  • Regular events. It is the events where it takes place on the following days:
    • Day of the week
    • Day of the month
    • Seasonal events
    • Season
  • Special events to a business. It is an annual sale or if you are a council – banks might have interest rates rising. There are specific events that happened in your business that need to include a forecast.

Importance of call center roster planning

A perfect roster plan is containing a list of associates and aligned them in each shirt per call volume. While planning the roster, it must ensure every shift is occupied and has enough associates while keeping overstaffed no shift. In most call centers, there is a separate WFM team preparing the roster per call volume, while a few other call centers prepare both: WFM and rostering or workforce management software & Call Centre Rostering.

A well-prepared roster plan helps call centers in many ways. There are a few benefits of roster planning in a call center business, such as:

  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Agent’s satisfaction
  • Increasing agent’s productivity
  • Increasing agent’s productivity
  • Cost-effective
  • Intact performance indicators

In this way, a planned roster leads to intact performance indicators. One good reason for roster planning is getting to know about the performance of an agent, and whether the agent is an underperformer or a good performer.

In the call center business, one needs to understand that the firm runs 24/7 and has 365 days of availability. Hence, roster planning and WMF play an essential role in the efficiency and performance of a call center business.