How To Identify A Bad Recruitment Agency?

The economic downturn has always been a tough time in countries across the globe and this is the time when unemployment shoots up like anything. Job seekers look for support and guidance from wherever they can. Also, this is a potential time for various types of recruitment agencies to rear their heads in the industry and attract as many candidates as possible. Unfortunately, this is also a good time for the unethical recruitment agencies to scrape out their plans and lure innocent candidates. However, there are certain indicators that would help you spot the bad agencies.  

Signs for bad recruitment agencies:

  • If there’s a fee involved in the services offered by the recruitment agency then you should start hearing the warning bells immediately. Recruitment agency fees are basically paid by the companies that hire them to find employees for them. So you should be aware that you must not sign any contract where you are supposed to pay for the services of the recruitment agency.
  • Your recruitment consultant should be thoroughly informed about the type of job that he’s sending you for and about the hiring company as well. Why else do you think they are recruitment consultants? If they seem to be lacking in knowledge then you need to rethink about the recruitment agency that they are working for. 
  • What they teach the candidates say a lot about their own practices. If they are telling the candidates to lie about their qualifications then they are basically propagating unethical practices and this immediately means that you should not be associated with them at any cost.
  • If your consultant sounds to be more interested in your references, then this is also a warning bell that he’s not interested in helping you find a suitable job. Rather, he’s more interested in finding business leads. 
  • If your recruitment agency is making false claims about jobs and guarantees then you should be checking through other agencies in the industry. Only the company hiring candidates for jobs can guarantee anything, not the recruitment agency. 
  • An ethical recruitment agency wouldn’t pressurize its candidates to apply for a particular job. Their duty is to work in the best interest of their candidates. So be wary of the ones who force you for a particular opening. 


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