How To Maintain a Bearing Cage?

Bearing cage Linear Bushing SSR (รังลูกปืน Linear Bushing SSR; which is the term in Thai) is used to move the Cylindrical shaft in a straight motion. Bearing cages are used for various purposes in machine machine-making industry, the medical industry for medical equipment, or another automotive industrial role. Bushings are even used for drilling and milling machinery operations. Bearing cage maintenance is even important for running pumps and motors effectively and efficiently. To avoid any damage to the pumps and motors in mechanical working, this bearing cage must be maintained well.

Bearing cage helps to maintain highly accurate performance through such minimal friction and linear motion. To lead minimal performance of several types of mechanical systems, bearing cage maintenance is necessary.The bearing cage bushing SSR is designed in a cylindrical shape that works to convert its rotational motion to linear motion.

To maintain a bearing cage is similarly important to other bearing cage types. Because its damage can lead to earlier deterioration of the machine along with the bearing cage. To maintain the bearing cage for life long run it is necessary to apply adequate lubricants, vibration checks, and loads. Moreover, proper care and maintenance of bearings are important to implement friction and for proper functionality of the system.

So, further ways to maintain a bearing cage are as follows:

  • Handle And Store Correctly – To avoid corrosion and dust or dirt from the bearing, the bearing should be handled and stored properly.
  • Use Specialist Tools – For maintaining Bearing Cage Linear Bushing SSR, it is important to check the tools. The tools or equipment that is used for maintenance must be appropriate and specialized for such bearings.
  • Check The Bearing Housing And Shaft – Always check the condition of the bearing housing and shaft. Before considering it for use, always wipe the surfaces with the help of a cloth or tissues.
  • Mount Correctly – Always use an appropriate approach and method to run the bearing of the machine. Mounting correctly to the bearings basically depends on the type of bearing.

Hence, to maintain the Bearing cage, other than applying lubrication, check loads, and maintaining vibration. Above mentioned are some of the other ways to maintain a Bearing cage.


Bearing Cage Bushing SSR is important to maintain for effective and efficient functioning. It is used to rotate the bearings and shaft for motion with minimal friction. The maintained Bearing caused less noise and reduced vibration.