How to Reduce Your Bike Insurance Premium Amount?

Motor insurance is mandatory for all types of vehicles registered in the country. While the minimum requirement is a third-party insurance cover, the premiums are economical, but the coverage is limited. If you are someone looking to enhance the scope of your vehicle insurance policy, a comprehensive plan is your best bet.

That being said, two-wheelers are recommended to have a comprehensive policy for its broader coverage and protection against various perils. So no doubt it is essential for you to look for suitable and affordable two wheeler insurance online or offline, depending on your preference. Before you get surprised, let us tell you that the premiums are slightly expensive when compared to its third-party counterpart. The primary reason is the increased coverage and inclusion of own damage cover.

Let us look at a few tips that can help you keep a check on the premiums for your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.

#1 Comparison is the key

When scouting for the various available plans, it is essential you undertake comparison too. Different insurance companies offer more or less similar plans. The decision rests with you to select a policy that checks all your requirements. For example, you are purchasing a policy for a bike that is infrequently used. The insurance requirements of such a bike will be lower as compared to a bike that is used often or even daily. Thus, browsing from the plethora of alternatives will fetch you a fair deal on your two-wheeler insurance. A nifty tool that can aid the comparison process is the bike insurance calculator. You can not only compare the various policies but buy affordable plans too.

#2 Avoid claims for minor repairs

A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan offers a no claim bonus (NCB) for every claim-free policy year. Such no claim bonus is a concession at the time of your renewal premium. Now if you make claims for minor repairs, you will have to forego your NCB benefits. Thus, it is not advisable to make claims for small repairs. A wise decision would be evaluating the NCB as well as the deductible of your policy together and then decide whether to make a claim or bear the cost of repairs from your pocket.

#3 Purchase necessary add-ons

Although a comprehensive policy gives you the facility to select for add-on covers, a careful evaluation needs to be done only for necessary add-ons. Certain add-ons may sometimes be unnecessary and increase your premium in that case.

#4 Ensure timely renewal of your policy

Your responsibility does not end once you have purchased a policy; you need to keep renewing the same periodically. Timely bike insurance renewal ensures the accrued benefits are carried over to the next policy period.

#5 Purchase policies from the same insurer

In case your preferred insurance company offers a bike insurance plan along with other types of insurance, you can purchase from the same insurer and receive loyalty benefits. It is an added advantage of buying from the same insurance company.

These are some of the nifty ways that can help you reduce your bike insurance premiums. After all, who doesn’t like a good deal on insurance too!