Injured In A Truck Accident? Here’s What You Need To Know

Truck accidents are more catastrophic than regular passenger vehicle accidents for obvious reasons. The sheer weight and size are enough to injure a person, damage a vehicle severely, and even lead to death. 

After a truck accident, it is normal not to think straight as you must have acquired some injuries and be in a lot of pain. However, if the collision was caused due to the truck driver’s negligence, you must take a few steps to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. 

What to do after being in a truck accident 

  • Call the police. 

After you realize that you have been in an accident, you must call 911 and inform the police about the incident. The police will come to the accident site and create an official report based on their personal opinion. They may investigate the area, take photographs, speak to the witnesses, and check whether any law violations contributed to the accident. This police report can be helpful for you in court for proving liability. 

  • Seek medical attention. 

After calling the police, you must not waste time and seek medical help immediately. Ask the police or nearby people to call the ambulance if you are unable to do it yourself. Seeking medical attention is essential to diagnose your condition and understand the extent of your injuries while they are still fresh. It is also vital to create official medical documentation of your injuries to be used as evidence in court. 

  • Speak with the other party involved. 

It is crucial to immediately approach the other party on the accident site, as once they leave the area, it can become difficult to track them down. Note down their vehicle license number, model, and color and exchange contact information with them. 

  • Speak to witnesses. 

A witness is someone who was there near the accident site when the incident unfolded and has observed it entirely or partially. A witness can give valuable information about the incident and even make statements in court that may be beneficial for you. If you find such witnesses on-site, make sure to note down their contact information so that your attorney can speak with them later. 

  • Report the accident to your insurance company. 

Reporting the accident to your insurer is essential for getting your compensation. While you may wish to file a lawsuit against the liable party and get your compensation from them, it is still wise to inform your insurer about the incident. However, you should be careful with your words when speaking to them, as one wrong word can devalue your compensation.