Is Entry Order A Good Strategy In Forex Trading? 


An entry order is a directive to open a position when the price of an asset reaches a certain level. A market order, a limit order, or a stop order are all examples of entry orders.

A forex entry order is an order for a currency pair that is set at a particular price level. The demand is subsequently carried out or filled when this price is reached. The order will only be carried out if the price reaches the targeted price level before making a forex order; examining the various order types available is vital.


  1. Price control

The primary benefit of entry orders is their control over price level. Traders might specify the price level at which a deal should open to be performed. In addition, trading is made simpler by the level option because it does not require constant market monitoring.

Below is an example of a deal ticket with the price field—where a trader can specify the degree of price execution—highlighted. The layout and process should be the same across most platforms.

  1. Saving time with entry orders

Entry orders for forex are great for cutting down on wait periods. By creating one, traders can move to a different position when a trend line is crossed, or a price channel is broken. If the price behaves as anticipated, the trader can swiftly add an entry order and close the position. Because the order takes care of the waiting, trading may concentrate on other tasks.

  1. A Better Management of Finances

Orders for forex entry also help to save costs. To better comprehend this, consider how much time traders spend trading daily. A dozen hours? 6 hours? 1 hour? Ten seconds? Fall in the lower part of the range between 10 and 1 hour, most likely (if we look at the average amount of time per day). The reason is that most people have day jobs, families, or other obligations.

  1. Accountability

Furthermore, Forex entry orders with linked stops and limits help traders maintain accountability. Because they ensure traders follow the latter’s regulations and eliminate the possibility of emotions getting in the way of reliable, profitable deals.

  1. Support Trading on a Time Frame

Trading on a specific time frame may enable more precise trades that may correspond with impending market news, political events, or company outcomes, depending on the market being traded. The following example demonstrates how traders can set the expiration duration for the entry order:

When an entry order is marked as “good until canceled,” it cannot be canceled unless the trader manually removes it.

The phrase “Good till date” denotes that the entry order will be effective up until a specific date.


In forex trading, entry orders are an invaluable instrument. Trading plans can be developed carefully, but if a trader can’t carry them out successfully, all of their hard work is for naught. 

In this circumstance, placing forex entry orders becomes crucial. Trading participants can choose in advance the price at which they intend to buy or sell a currency using entry orders. Of course, this will only be carried out if the predetermined price is reached. We examine some advantages of utilizing entry orders while trading forex below.