Modern Demands of a Website

One of the most important aspects of Denver web design is figuring the best features to create for clients. The internet has developed beyond what it was two decades ago. New features and technologies that are regularly developed have now made it compulsory to modernize a website to achieve the goals and objectives of the owner. A modern website should have:

Website Map

A website map is a simple feature that shows the different sections and pages of a website. The map is typically linked to these sections and pages so that users can go to any page with just a click. The position of the website map is crucial. Typically, maps are located at the top or bottom of a website for easy access.

Speed Optimization

Website latency can negatively impact websites and brands in several important ways. To reduce latency to the barest level, a website must be optimized for speed. Data transfer between computers and servers relies on several factors such as server capacity, broadband, browser compatibility, internet speed, and website speed compliance. Your website should be built to receive and transmit data, load content, and haptic response as fast as possible.

SEO Optimization

Every functional website design should prioritize SEO optimization because visibility is key in building an online business. If your website is buried beneath thousands of others on search engine result pages (SERPs), chances are that you won’t gain traction and build on that. SEO optimization begins with understanding the on-page and off-page processes. Your website should be designed to function well, provide valuable content,

Menus and Contact Page

A menu page is necessary to help users navigate a website. The menu page is different from a website map and is typically designed as a collapsible button located at either of the top left corners. The menu should show the necessary pages and features, including a contact page for easy access.

Mobile-Friendly Layout

Since Google launched its Mobile-First Index feature, websites that are mobile-friendly and focused on providing excellent mobile user experience now rank better than websites that are not mobile-friendly. According to Statista, mobile devices provided nearly 55% of the total internet traffic in the first quarter of 2021. Websites must invest in mobile compatibility now more than ever.

Clear and Legible Typography

Web content must be displayed in clear and legible typography. There should also be white space to enhance the user experience.

Modern website design also incorporates AI-powered chatbots and assistants to provide 24/7 service to users.