Running An Online Business? Rent A Self Storage Unit To Keep Your Inventory

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Running an online business is challenging because you don’t have much room to manoeuvre. Everything is digitally stored where possible, so the few assets you do have don’t have a home. Yes, you can keep them in a spare bedroom or a garage if you there is one, but it’s not ideal. The company shouldn’t take over your whole life.

Here’s why renting a self-storage unit can help if your company relies on the internet.

Cheaper Rates

You could take out a corporate lease and store your assets there, but it’s not a smart financial move. Rent in the major UK cities is extortionate, especially if you live in London. A self-storage facility is an excellent way to cut costs because it can save you hundreds of thousands of pounds. The average lease in London for a 500sq foot office is £313,000 a year, whereas the same size storage unit is £11,340. And, if you go with Henfield Storage, you’ll get a central location as well as plenty of space. Financially, it’s a no-brainer to lease a unit for your inventory.

Better Organisation

Clutter isn’t only messy; it’s hard to organise. There are lots of roadblocks for an online startup, and you don’t want to add more to the list. With a self-storage unit, there is plenty of space for your inventory so that it doesn’t clog up what little room you have in your home office. That way, you can keep tabs on the important stuff and move the rest of it to a remote location in case you need it for another time.


You need to be efficient as the owner of a startup, especially when you’re working from home or remotely. After all, there are distractions that you don’t get in a traditional workspace. Getting rid of the inventory that’s stacked up will open up your mind and let you focus on the most critical tasks, encouraging you to be more regularly productive. A self-storage unit is worth it to remove distractions from your routine.

How To Track Inventory

Throwing stuff into a unit won’t help. To make sure you know what’s in there, the quantity and how to find it, you need to be organised. Here’s how to do it.

Start A List

You’re going to need to take things out of the facility at some point. By creating a list, you can tick things off as you go so that you don’t lose or leave anything behind.

Label Everything

The next step is to put labels on boxes and containers. Unless you know what’s in each box, you’ll waste valuable time and energy searching for an object that’s simple to find when it’s appropriately labelled.

Pack Intelligently

By packing smartly, you won’t have to deal with damages or spillages that cause unnecessary confusion. The key is not to use weak boxes or containers and not to put heavy packages on top of them. Also, don’t overpack as there is enough space to split boxes up.