The 3 Types of Diamonds You Should Know About

There are hundreds to thousands of jewelry businesses in the world right now. These businesses differ based on types of gems, beads, stones, etc. However, buying and selling diamonds is most popular. Do you know about the three types of diamonds? If you don’t, we will tell you about them in a while. These three diamonds have gained huge popularity in the last couple of years. So, what are the three types of diamonds? Let’s check them out.

Natural Diamond

All of you are already familiar with natural diamonds. Natural diamonds have been in trend for ages. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, this industry went through a bit of loss. Why is that? It happened because the mining of diamonds was stopped by governments for quite a long time. As a result, the natural diamond industry and the shareholders lost a lot of money. But now, the industry has come back to normal.

Blood Diamond

Some of you might ask what are blood diamonds? You might be reading this term for the first time. Blood diamonds are the kind of diamonds that have been mined during a war. These sorts of diamonds are also known as conflict diamonds. These diamonds originated during the 1990s. However, the downside of a blood diamond business is that it is illegal. Buying and selling of these types of diamonds are extremely prohibited as these finance terrorism. 

Lab Diamonds

If you are a jewelry freak, lab grown diamonds aren’t new to you. These diamonds are used as an alternative to natural diamonds. And the good thing is that these are way cheaper than the natural ones. Moreover, when the mining of natural diamonds had stopped, the lab diamond industry thrived. As these diamonds can be created in a lab, the pandemic couldn’t stop their production.

No matter whether you are a buyer or seller, knowing about these three types of diamonds can be life-saving. Before buying a diamond, always find out about its origin. If the diamond that you are buying is a conflict diamond, you might face various problems in the future. If you want to buy a diamond on a budget, you can purchase lab-created diamonds. The benefits of such diamonds are unending. So, these were the three types of diamond businesses that we thought you should know about. We hope that knowing about them will benefit you in the future.