The Best Guide when Buying a Mouse

When you use a computer, you will need to use a mouse to get the job done. In general, the mice and keyboards are the most frequently used computer peripherals. That is why you must spend time researching what you need. If you are looking to buy a mouse, this guide will help you make the right purchase:

Wired or Wireless

Whether you choose a wired or wireless mouse, it is about your preference. You will want a wireless mouse to void getting tangled in the cord. However, you run the risks of running out of batteries unexpectedly. Some wireless mice are available with charging docks so you do not need to worry about purchasing batteries. Other mice might have an on/off switch for power preservation.

In terms of wireless receivers, some mice are available with nano receivers that sit flush with the USB port. Other variants have bigger wireless receivers which jut out a few inches from the port. But, expect to pay more for the nano receiver.

Meanwhile, you do not need to worry about batteries or receivers if you prefer to buy a wired mouse since it will get power from the USB port. But, the drawback is that you will be tethered to your computer.


Mice ergonomics is essential as it can prevent repetitive stress injuries. But, ergonomics is not a one-size-fits-all feature. The only way to determine whether a mouse is comfortable to use is to use for it a prolonged period of time. This is something you cannot do if you don’t buy one. Just like other computer peripherals, do your homework before you buy it. In terms of a mouse, prioritise comfort and functionality, especially if you are a PC gamer, graphic designer, and other long-term users.


While there is no universal sizing set bythe industry, a lot of mice are available in full or travel sizes. Travel mice are expected to be more comfortable for those with smaller hands. If you are a road warrior, considering sticking to a full-sized device as ill-fitting mice can make users uncomfortable.

Programmable Buttons

Mice come with left- and right-click buttons and the scroll wheel at the center. However, a lot of mice also have extra buttons that are often found on their side. Such buttons can be programmed for certain functions like the Back button on the internet browser. You will appreciate these extra buttons if you consistently work in the same programs.