The Growing Business of Synthetic Diamonds: What You Need to Know


Synthetic diamonds, also known as lab-grown diamonds, are now one of the most appreciated categories that natural diamonds don’t have much craze like before. People can get synthetic diamonds at a much affordable rate, saving at least 40% compared to natural diamonds.

You may think about whether lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds or not. The answer is yes; these are the real made with the same required elements. But the procedure and timeline for creating the diamonds are different. High pressure and high temperature (HPHT), Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), etc., are some methods of creating lab-grown diamonds.

HPHT process is costly, and the produced diamonds come in yellowish colours. CVD process requires low pressure and moderate temperature that doesn’t require much equipment. Therefore, this process is used in making lab-created diamonds the most. 

Usually, lab-created diamonds are created of carbon atoms, but it takes only a few weeks or months to create the diamonds. Natural diamonds are made with carbon atoms, but they are formed underneath the earth for billions of years with corrosion, erosion, and other natural calamities.

About the clarity, synthetic diamonds don’t have much inclusions or impurities as natural diamonds have. Since natural diamonds are made underneath the earth, natural effects tend to grow impurities in diamonds. 

But lab-grown diamonds are better with cut, carat size, and colours. You will find different types and settings with synthetic diamond, which is pretty rare with natural diamonds. Plus, you can have any colour schemes with lab-grown diamonds. 

You may not find any visible differences in man made diamonds vs real, but if they are tested in the lab, you will find many. The growing business of synthetic diamonds has become incredible in the past decade. People look for convenience and affordability when they look for buying their favourite gem.

And when people can have the most demanding diamonds within their budget, it becomes highly appreciable. Besides, synthetic diamonds give you sparkle, better setting, cut, and colours than natural diamonds. Not everyone can afford natural diamonds easily. There were times when diamonds were just dreams to few people since they couldn’t afford them.

But now, the availability of synthetic diamonds has brought reliability and satisfaction to people to become capable of owning diamonds. According to the past few years’ research, the demand for synthetic diamond has made natural diamond’s demand down than most of it. Only those who look for rare pieces find it worthy of buying natural diamonds at higher prices. But the quality and appearance are the same when you take both the natural and lab-grown diamonds in your hand.

Besides, you are getting the certification of buying a lab-grown or synthetic diamond, which establishes the purity of purchasing the real gem. Make sure you must have the certificate from the accredited source (IGI or GIA). And get an expert’s advice before buying pure lab-grown diamonds.