Things to Consider When Searching for Serviced Office

A serviced office is a furnished, independent workspace. Typically, visitors to serviced offices have flexible access to a private, furnished office area. A serviced office, in contrast to conventional office spaces, comes with a professional team of receptionists and full installation such as break areas, kitchen, lounges, meeting rooms, etc. Tenants no longer need to be concerned about office maintenance, furnishings, or equipment like desktops, xerox machines, and printer installation when they rent a serviced office.

Due to the cost advantages, practicality, and flexibility offered by serviced offices, many organisations favour its use. Startups and small firms prefer serviced offices to traditional ones since they have limited funding available to cover the cost. They also don’t want to be restricted by a conventional employment or leasing agreement.

Just like the serviced offices in London Bridge at Southwark Street, provided by the One Avenue Group. They provide the best office buildings with great facilities and locations.

However, looking for a serviced office based on the requirements is quite difficult. Although start-ups look for amenities so that equipment shortage should not be a hinder in their business

There are numerous things to consider like the type of furniture, office size, staff, number of rooms, etc. when signing a contract, it is wise to get everything included in the agreement.

Generally, a service office lease includes –

  • The monthly fee will cover the office area and the furniture like a desk, desktops, air conditioners, chairs, storage areas, shelves, etc.
  • Utility bills will be paid by the renter. This will include the maintenance charges, electricity bills, telephone if any, internet charges, etc.

When looking for a serviced office, there are lot many things to consider.

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Listed below are some of the tips that will help you find your serviced office in no time –


Cost estimation is the main thing to consider when looking for a serviced office. The more facilities you look for the more expensive will it be. Despite the fact that serviced offices have variable lease terms, it’s crucial to make sure that the solutions are scalable and can assist you as your company expands.

However, if you anticipate the need to adjust the amount of office space you require in the future, you should also think about bringing it up during your initial conversation with the serviced office provider.

Location and Accessibility

Research says that employees prefer to work with organisations that are at the nearest location, or at a place where it is easy to commute. Find a serviced office in a location which is to reach through public transport, and has various amenities nearby like cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. Nobody wants to work in an isolated place where even if they want to take a break, the terrace is the only option.


This is the main element to consider when renting an office. You need a proper security system, with CCTV installation in every corner to keep female employees safe and secure against breaches. Numerous data flows 24/7 in the confidential office, no company wants that to be breached.

In any case, a serviced office is far better than a traditional office. This is because you can rent an office with all facilities instead of spending money on buying everything. Just analyse your budget and find an office based on your preferences.