Tips To Have A Glowing Skin

Daily care is required for smooth and healthy-looking skin. After the daily shower, if you follow these body care tips, your skin will be hydrated and nourished throughout the year.

It is essential to know how to take care of the skin to look beautiful, radiant and, above all, healthy. Remember that it is the body’s largest organ; it protects us from external aggression and water loss.

Having a nice routine of skincare [สกินแคร์, which is the term in Thai] therapy regularly can delay signs of ageing, such as wrinkles or discourage issues like acne, burns or blemishes. For this, regardless of the nature or type of skin you have, you must take free care into account. Daily leading care is the key to keeping a good appearance.

A high price in products is not essential for performing hydrating therapy. Often we believe the most expensive products are going to be better or work miracles with our skin, but some homemade tricks are doing the same thing. 

Take paper and pen and write the following skincare tips to keep it healthy and hydrated economically and adequately.

  • Safeguard Skin From The Sun 

Protect your skin from the sun to maintain skin healthfully. Apply a Sunscreen [ครีมกันแดด, which is the term in Thai] adjusted to your skin type. Repeat frequently on the application. It is also recommended that you are not in the sun during the hottest hours of the day.

  • Use Mild Soap

Does your body’s skin, particularly after showering, tend to dry? It is vital for the cleaning routine to use smooth, soap-free skincare products. If you use too great products, your skin may get highly dry and feel awkward. Lipid-rich soaps are the best products that can be used.

  • In The Shower

The bathroom, which tends to dehydrate the skin, is better for the body. Make sure that the water is warmer than hot. For bath lovers, it’s okay to take a bath from time to time. However, don’t be in the water for a long time!

  • Hydrate The Skin Daily

Make hydration a daily habit! After giving you soft taps with the towel to dry the skin, use a suitable cream to hydrate the skin effectively. This will help you repair the hydrolipidic film that covers the epidermis. Do not forget that you have to hydrate ALL SKIN TYPES!

  • Drink A Lot Of Water

The body needs sufficient amounts of fluid to have beautiful skin. Make sure you drink enough water, eg. Approximately eight glasses a day. A cup of tea for breakfast, mineral water throughout the day, herbal tea at night. This way, you can fulfil all the daily duties!

  • Eat-in A Healthy And Balanced Way

Eating healthily is not only good for your body but also your skin. Every day you should eat five pieces of fruit, rich in antioxidants. This will help you keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

  • Sleep The Beauty Hours

Your skin will be radiant if you get enough sleep. Your body needs an amount of sleep to be healthy: 7, 8, 9 hours. The need for sleep is genetically marked.

  • Stop Smoking!

Do you smoke? Tobacco is very harmful to the skin. Leave the complexion off and matte and make the skin age faster. This is an excellent reason to put out the last cigarette.