Top features of gondola shelving units

A gondola shelf typeor a freestanding unit is a free-standing and double-sided unit that has shelves on both sides. These units seem to be ideal for forming aisles and splitting the shop. Store owners use these units to add flow, maximize floor space, and encourage customers to go through the products that the entire shop has. This way, they end up increasing sales as well as impulse buys. You will find these shelf types in various depths and heights so that they can cater to various shelving needs.

Also known as gondola shelving, freestanding units are well-known shop display shelving that you need not fix to walls. These shelving units have been created keeping the convenience of customers in mind. Many stores including chemists and supermarkets use freestanding units for displaying lots of products. Some exclusive features that make freestanding units different are:


Freestanding units seem to be ideal for stores that store fast-changing or fast-moving products including clothing stores or discount stores. These units have a huge array of display choices that make them ideal to store products. The notable thing is that a freestanding unit always looks fashionable.


A freestanding unit seems to be a durable kind of retail shelving that is both stable and strong. This unit can display medium-weight capacity and heavy-weight capacity products. When you want to extract the most from your gondola buying always rely on the highly durable products available in the market. Many store owners opt for steel and metal units as they believe them to be great investments that seem to be scuff- and scratch-resistant.

Easy to use

Gondola shelf types are simple and they can be adjusted, used, and assembled easily. You can put these shelves together in some moments without hiring a shopfitter. Another important thing is you need not devote lots of hours to drill things and you can maintain these metal units easily. All you have to do is wipe the shelf with a warm and damp cloth.


If you opt for premium gondola units you will find them to be excellent value for your money as these units are hugely affordable. When people look around they get access to lots of exciting deals. A few suppliers offer discounts too when people buy gondola shelf types in bulk quantities as well as lots of shipping choices.


You can expand a premium-quality gondola shelving for sale without making massive adjustments. If you want, you can purchase double-sided starter units that have add-on units for creating aisles all through the store. Again, you can also utilize complementary items like corner bays or end bays to display a feature.


Gondola shelf types are a hugely prevalent choice when the matter zeroes on retail shelving. These shelves are sturdy and versatile. You can configure these shelves in various ways so that they can cater to the requirements of all stores. With these, these shelves have evolved and every unit looks identical. Hence, store owners can form uniformity all through their stores besides maximizing the space they have.