What are the 4Cs and why they are important?

Buying the best diamond for your engagement can be daunting especially if you do not have experience. One way to ease the process is to know the 4Cs. It’s a universal grading system used for precious stones like gold or diamond. It has been considered a viable tool that has proven to help in buying engagement rings. 4Cs will help you in buying the best engagement ring and in this context; you should know in detail the 4Cs diamond for making the right purchase.

  • Color– Though the C stands for Color, it is actually used to grade the diamond based on lack of color. D, E, F is the whitest range and D-grade diamond is the whitest diamond of all. X Y Z range is the fancy color range. If you need a slight touch of warmth, then J K and L would be the best. Decide on what color metal you want to use and accordingly you should choose the diamond color choice.
  • Cut– One of the important aspects of a diamond is the diamond cut. As far as ‘cut’ is concerned, it isn’t referred to as the diamond shape but the quality of the cut. The ‘excellent’ cut is the best and the most expensive diamond cut as compared to the other cuts- very good, good, poor, and fair. The excellent cut is the shiniest of all.  As this is the best feature, buying the ‘excellent cut’ is highly recommended.
  • Clarity– Clarity is the transparency and cleanliness of the stones. In other words, it describes how free the stone is from blemishes and inclusions. Flawless or FL is the cleanest diamond. It means that the blemishes aren’t visible at all. IF is Internally Flawless and blemishes are visible under 10x magnification. Check out the clarity grades to choose the best diamonds.
  • Carat– Carat is the weight measurement unit used for measuring pearls and stones. Carat is the universal unit used for weighing diamonds, gold, or other precious metals.

Now that you know about the 4Cs of the diamond, you should be able to make the right purchase. Decide on the cut, carat, color, and clarity so that the best choice can be made. Some people want heavier stones over clarity. There are some who want the whitest stone. 4Cs are the important considerations that you should keep in mind when buying diamonds.

There’s a lot of dilemma surrounding artificial diamonds. Most people think that artificial diamonds are not real diamonds. In other words, it is considered fake diamonds. However, this isn’t a true fact. Both of them are real diamonds but they differ in terms of their origin point. This is the reason why you must learn lab grown diamonds process of manufacturing and their characteristics. 4Cs of a diamond is also considered when buying artificial diamonds. All you need to do is understand your preferences so that you can choose the right cut, clarity, color, and carat.