What is the difference between a Secretary and an Executive Assistant in Hong Kong when it comes to Secretarial Services?

So what’s exactly the difference between a Secretary and an Executive Assistant? The answer to this question will aid you to decide what you should be hiring. The difference is not that hard to distinguish anyway. A secretary is a general term for personnel performing administrative functions. She could be rendering her services to the Head of the Department or to a branch company of a large firm. The Executive Assistant, however, functions like a Secretary but renders her services only to executives just like the Board of Directors. So yes, you could say they’re the same but only with some modifications. Whether you need a Sectary or an Executive Assistant, Secretarial Services Providers can provide you the manpower.

The Executive Assistant or a Secretary provided by a Secretarial Services Provider has the following functions:

  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping. Minor Accounting and Bookkeeping tasks are assigned to an Executive Assistant. She can collect receipts, which can be entered into the General Journal of the company by a bookkeeper or an accountant eventually.
  2. Calendar Management The company could have different activities within a month. These must be entered into the Calendar by an Executive Assistant or a Secretary so appropriate date and time would be given.
  3. Client Relations. There are times when clients go to your company for different reasons. Whatever purposes they have, the Executive Assistant or the Secretary must entertain them. They are the primary reason why the company exists.
  4. Provide a system for Filing files. As the Executive Assistant or the Secretary performs works involving outputs, she should find a way how to keep them safe and organized for future use. The Board of Directors might be asking her for some files every now and then so she always has to be prepared.
  5. Organize Meetings. Expect the Executive Assistant or the Secretary to be a part of the company meeting always as she is the one preparing the agenda, checking the attendance of the attendees, and preparing the minutes of the meeting. Organizing these matters should be one of her expertise.
  6. Keep Company Records. Just like what we have already explained earlier, the Executive Assistant or the Secretary must apply a system of file keeping and organization.
  7. Manage Travel Plans. If the company has different branches in the country or overseas, expect that there times when the Board of Directors are traveling to meet new and old clients to expand the business. Being an Executive Assistant or Secretary, you should be able to manage these travels so it will not conflict with the different activities of the company.
  8. Paperworks. Since you need to reply to different company letters, expect that you’ll be typing a lot. Be friendly with your keyboard as you’ll be working more often with it. Secretarial Services Providers are aware of this.
  9. Events Planning. The company could have different events within a month. The Executive Assistant or the Secretary should be able to plot these in a calendar for date and time management.

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