What you should know about precious jewelry before you start selling them

So you want to start a business to sell luxurious jewelry but don’t know where to start? It can be daunting at first, you want to succeed and face as few obstacles as possible and god forbid, you run into issues with authorities. You need a solid plan and stick to it. You will also need to know what you sell very well to maintain the standards and trust of the customers. Let us guide you through some classic precious gemstones and metals in jewelry that you should know about.


You should have a good collection of popular metals that are common in fancy accessories or engagement jewelry such as gold, white gold and platinum. These are not only stunning to look at, but they are also sturdy and built for use over a long time. If it comes down to platinum vs white gold for white metal options, you are free to keep both options as they differ in prices and this can cater to a large range of budgets. Since white gold is an alloy with a portion of gold in it, it makes for stunning jewelry but comes at lower prices compared to the rare metal platinum.


You can start off with just a small variety of gemstones and gradually expand your choices as you grow, this will allow you to understand what is more in demand locally or get the hang of understanding the gems themselves. Gemstones like rubies and topaz are good picks as they are nearly always in demand and look gorgeous on jewelry, not to mention the large colour range of topazes too. Get details from your gemstone dealers and don’t be afraid to ask questions about their characteristics.


You can’t have a precious jewelry store without diamonds, can you? Having a collection of diamond jewelry will help your audience understand that you are here to do business and you are serious about it. If you are thinking of diamonds vs moissanites, you’re in luck, diamond stimulants are in trend and so are lab grown diamonds. These will let you present cheaper options.


If you want some more variety in your store, throw in some pearl necklaces and rings. Since they never go out of style,you wouldn’t have to worry about cluttering your display.

Starting small is never a bad thing, but having the passion to go on almost always guarantees a good outcome, so take the first step and open your doors to customers!