Learn the characteristics of every commercial freezers

Become a must of our kitchens, the freezers are now available in a multitude of different models, the mini freezer cubes to the imposing chest freezer through the model cabinet type. Their price will obviously vary according to their size, but not only. The type of cold, the features and the sound level also have an impact on the final bill of your freezer. Before knowing which kind of commercial freezer is perfect for you store, visit this site https://www.phirella.com/glass-door-merchandiser/for more information, and keep reading.

How to choose a chest freezer that suits your needs

You have two possibilities in terms of self-contained freezers: chests and vertical models. Chest types are cheaper and more energy efficient than vertical types, but take up more space. Although chest freezers offer ample storage capacity for bulk products, they can present challenges when you need to recover the products at the bottom.


Chest freezers come with built-in coils that eliminate the need to circulate cold air through fans, which tends to make the freezer noisy. Often, commercial freezers are sold with baskets, but you must be willing to pay more for this option. They help the unit maintain cold air and reduce energy consumption each time the door is opened. The fast freezing technology helps maintain a lower temperature despite the introduction of warmer foods. You can choose between fast manual or automatic freezing. Frost-free models eliminate the need for defrosting by preventing the formation of ice crystals. Manual defrosting of chests usually takes up to 24 hours.

To be considered by the buyer

Some units are designed to work as an integrated freezer to perfectly fit your kitchen décor. However, these custom models usually cost more than self-contained freezers. They also use more power and fewer models can be selected. Chest freezers come in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements. The ideal unit maintains a low temperature without fluctuating between hot and cold, maximizing the freshness of the contents.

A good freezer should not react significantly to changes in the ambient temperature. You should check the recommended ambient temperature range and keep in mind that some manufacturers invalidate their warranty if a freezer is placed in a garage. Sometimes manufacturers offer energy costing tools to determine the annual cost of running your device. Energy efficiency is related to the amount of storage space provided compared to energy costs.

Dimensions and type of freezer

The size and type of freezer are the first elements to consider before making your purchase. Indeed, each household has different needs and it is for this reason that appliance manufacturers have developed particular formats. To make your choice, everything will depend on the amount of food you expect to freeze and the number of people in your household. The available space in your store and, your personal preferences are also factors to consider before making a decision.

The cube freezer

This mini freezer’s main asset is its small size which allows it to easily find its place under a worktop or in a corner of your kitchen. On the other hand, its capacity rarely exceeds 60-70 litters. That’s why this small freezer is rather recommended for a single person or to store only a few commodities.

The top freezer

Halfway between the cube freezer and the cabinet, this small freezer is perfect for occasional use for a couple or a small family. With an average capacity of 80 to 100 litters, it is often equipped with drawers that facilitate the storage of your food.

The freezer cabinet

Twice as large as a compact model, this freezer looks just like a refrigerator. Turned vertically, it takes up little floor space and often has plenty of storage space to make organizing your frozen food easier.

Built-in freezer

Designed on the model of compact freezers or cabinets, this freezer integrates harmoniously into your kitchen. It is often found in fully equipped kitchens hidden behind a door. Its capacity often varies from 70 to 200 litters which makes it a good alternative for small families or couples without children.

Chest freezer

The most spacious model but also the largest. Its size predisposes it rather to an installation in a garage or a cellar. Inside, no drawers but large baskets and a space that can reach up to 600 litters.