What Constitutes A Breach Of Contract?

When a party fails to meet the requirements and terms of a contract, they breach it, which can lead to many disputes and compromise the reputation as well. When you sign a contract, you become obligated to the other party, and the criteria of the contract should be met. You not only compromise the reputation of your business but also break the trust of the party. If the word gets around, your future endeavors will be at stake. 

Contracts are made in various places; if you have a real estate business or if you are into sales and services, etc, a contract can be made. In Tennessee, many companies thrive, and upholding a good position requires commitment and dedication. A breach of contract can have many legal implications. Get in touch with a business litigation attorney Knoxville to safeguard your rights. 

Let us see what constitutes a breach of contract: 

  • Indicating that they will not fulfill the obligations

If the party indicates before signing the contract that it will not be fulfilling the criteria or obligations, the other party has the right not to sign the contract with them. Refusing to pay your rent gives the landlord a right not to let you stay anymore; this way, you can come to a solution before the failure actually takes place. 

  • Not paying for the goods and services.

You are obligated to pay for the goods that you receive, as not doing so can lead to a breach of contract. It is your responsibility to pay on time as per the requirements of the contract. Significant legal actions can be taken against the party. They might be charged with penalties and other complicated matters. Why make promises that one cannot keep? Similarly, why should you not sign a contract if you cannot stick to various obligations of the agreement? 

  • Not following or violating specific terms of the contract.

You must adhere to all the terms given in the contract; you are given ample time to go through the contract before signing it, yet if you fail to adhere to them, you can be taken to court, and significant consequences can arise. If you have read a clause that says you cannot compete in a particular area, and yet you do so, legal actions can be taken against you. Compete only within the given area as per the clauses in the contract. Why dig a hole for yourself and go through the consequences? 

Hire a litigation attorney to fight your breach of contract case!

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