5 Marketing Strategies to Impress Gen Z Consumers

Generation Z, ages 10 to 25, born from 1997 to 2012, are the key players in the consumerism industry. They are the ones who set the trends in social media platforms like TikTok. As the members of Generation Z are still young, they have a significant influence on what people will consider modern and new. So, Gen Z consumers will have certain traits when buying products online. It is an excellent opportunity for business owners to look into the attitude of young people on online shopping platforms.

It will help your business gain recognition among consumers as you know how to adapt to modern changes. Remember, Gen Z users are adept with social media usage. They can scrutinise your marketing strategy and can affect your business reputation in the long run.

To become a better business owner, get to know the lifestyle trends and Gen Z behaviour for a successful marketing campaign.

 What is the Behaviour of Gen Z as a Consumer?

Gen Z has a strong influence on the market industry. They can set the trend and dictate what is in and out. A smart strategy is to look after their behaviour, so your business can adapt to the needs of Chinese consumers. Social media affects Gen Z buyers because they rely on content creators and influences to give you an idea.

Here are the characteristics of Gen Z as a consumer.

  • Social Media Shopping is Common – Aside from the online shopping platforms, Gen Z consumers also use social media to buy things. You can see many independent stores with social media accounts where people can order and ask for delivery within days or weeks.
  • Brand Ethics is Essential – The Chinese Gen Z will look into brand ethics and corporate management before supporting a business. For instance, young people are now advocating for environmental and animal rights. So, brands that test on animals may have the support of the public.
  • The Informed Generation – You cannot fool Generation Z with promising advertising content. Young people seek information and research more by visiting your store’s website. They will see the brand’s goal, company history and values. Stay true to your core values, and Gen Z consumers will also support you.
  • Give More Support to Small Brands – Gen Z consumers give more support to small brands when the products are high-quality. Plus, they seek the best deals than the brand name. There is more support for independent brands because Gen Z does not trust authority and big corporations.
  • Expect a More Inclusive Customer Service – Although people do not believe that the customer is always right, Gen Z consumers expect more compassionate customer service. They want a more inclusive customer approach where the company values diversity.
  • Still Like to Shop in a Physical Store –The digitisation of online shopping makes the experience more convenient for buyers. However, Chinese Gen Z still enjoys going to the physical store because it gives them new learnings. With the interior design and interactive approach, Gen Z consumers are more likely to buy from the store.

You can use this list as a guide when creating your marketing strategy on a content creator platform. It can help you implement trends that will catch the attention of Gen Z online users.


Marketing Strategies to Impress Gen Z Consumers

Gen Z consumers have the power to dictate whether your marketing strategy is successful. As a business owner, you must follow their preferences and wants if you want to succeed in the industry. So, here are some strategies you can use in the content creator platform to impress the Chinese Gen Z.

1)  Prioritising Mental Health Contents

You can also call Gen Z the wellness generation because they focus on health and well-being more than any other generation. Some people even assume that Gen Zs are too sensitive or weak. They always want to prioritise how they feel instead of forcing themselves. Due to this, you can include content like: “Give yourself a gift after a long day of work by buying our products” or “Treat yourself with our facial services to improve your mood.”

You can also implement lifestyle trends like Korean skincare and going on a vacation after a stressful work week. This way, they will know your brand is supportive of their advocacy.

2)  Championing Diversity and Inclusion

The Gen Z people advocated for diversity and inclusion. It is more than sexuality, but people nowadays are breaking the norms like gender roles, strict beauty standards, and traditions. They like to see a marketing strategy with representation that will go against the social norm. For instance, you can hire plus-size models, gender-fluid individuals, and mixed-race celebrities.

Although China is still a traditional country, Chinese Gen Z is more open to understanding differences. It is the generation that breaks toxic stereotypes and traditions for a better future.

3)  Focusing on the Aesthetics

Chinese Gen Z focuses too much on aesthetics. Aesthetic means a visually appealing concept that has a distinct style and tone. There are even different types of aesthetics like minimalism, dark academia, Y2K or early 200s fashion, e-girl or e-boy, and even K-pop aesthetics.

When posting on a content creator platform, ensure that you have an aesthetic tone that will represent your brand. It can boost your recognition and catch the attention of online users.

4)  The Fight for Environmental Rights

People nowadays voice out their concerns regarding global warming. So, Gen Z consumers want to see how your company is contributing with eco-friendly solutions. When posting marketing content on a content creator platform, you can include how your company finds greener ways to stop global warming. This way, your brand will look more reliable in the online community.

5)  Focusing on Lifestyle Improvements

Gen Z also focuses on having a stress-free lifestyle so you can implement lifestyle trends into your marketing strategy. For instance, you are selling fitness equipment. Your marketing tone can be: buy your gym equipment for your home workout routine. It can be more enticing and more appropriate for modern living conditions. As such, you can inspire people to improve their lives.

Become relevant and influential by following the tips above for your marketing strategies. Visit their website to learn more about Gen Z consumers and lifestyle trends.