A Snapshot On Containers


The containers solutions are ideal for storing equipment. They are available in various dimensions and can be customized according to the requirement of the clients. They are used for different purposes such as storing equipment at the construction site, for storing furniture, keeping files, etc. They can even be used as a storage room, an additional storage place and also for self-storage. 

Advantages of the Containers

Can Easily be Assembled and Dismantled

One of the key benefits of using the containers solutions is that they can be assembled as well as dismantled several times according to the client requirement. You can store the dismantled containers in less space. Moreover, the containers are easily transportable and require less cost for transportation. 

Boasts of Sturdy Construction

The storage containers are popular among the customers as they are sturdy and exhibit floor strength of 500 kg/square meter. They are constructed of anti-corrosive galvanized steel. The containers are waterproof and safe for storage. Several of them can be stacked together on the floor.  

Popular For Being Cost-Effective 

A prime reason for the soaring high popularity of the containers is that they are inexpensive. They are cost-effective because of the flat-packaging in the kit set. The containers are robust and durable at a cost-effective price. 

Can Easily be Transported

The containers are easily transportable. The containers can easily be transported with the help of a forklift truck or crane. 

Use of the Containers 

The containers can be adapted to your requirement. They can be customized for the purpose of making extra doors, anti-vandalism bars, windows, shelvings, air vents, customized painting, etc. 

Specifications of the Containers

  • The containers are designed in a way so that they are light and sturdy
  • The containers are constructed of the galvanized steel which is about 2 mm in thickness. 
  • The roof and walls of the containers are constructed using galvanized steel of 2 mm in thickness. 
  • They feature wooden floor of about 35 mm thickness.
  • The containers have the floor resistance of about 500 kg/ sq. meter.
  • They have roof resistance of 300 kg/sq. meter.
  • The containers have a double door, in which the handle and lock are included. 
  • The size of the containers has dimensions of 2.25m to about 6m in length and 2.2m in width.

With a fair idea about modular homes, you can choose one according to your requirement if the need arises. For the wide array of benefits these homes offer, they have become a rage today.