Boots: How To Take Care Of Your Boots

Even if it’s a long-lasting boot, don’t think your boots are indestructible and don’t need care. The actions of the environment, heat, and humidity can cause stress to footwear over time and use, even if this type of boot is adapted for these situations, causing bad odors and damaging its functional advantages.

So, if you are a warrior who wants to make the most of your combat boots in future operations, we will give you some important information about the care of this boot:

Wash with a damp, neutral cloth: do not apply any chemical or soap, as they may damage the materials;

Leave to dry in the shade: heat and solar radiation can cause damage and dryness to shoes, especially leather.;

Remove stains and dirt: do not let mud stains or other materials dry on the shoes;

Take care of leather periodically: use only special products suitable for leather, such as renewers and creams;

After use, remove the insole: this facilitates the internal and external drying of the boots, avoiding odors.

Some Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Buying A Boot

Wear The Right Sock (Especially When Trying On The Boot)

If choosing the right boot such as the Belleville boots for instance is essential, having the right sock is essential. Never use models made with cotton fibers, as they tend to absorb sweat and take a long time to dry. This moisture in the foot will cause discomfort, blisters, and a bad smell. Our suggestion is to opt for specific models for trekking and hiking made of merino wool (click here to learn more about socks). There are options with different weights. Therefore, choose the sock you will use when choosing the boot. That way, you can try them on together to make sure the boot size is correct.

Test Your Boot

If you buy your boot in a physical store, take the opportunity to walk around with it a little and feel if you adapt. Remember to wear a sock similar to what you wear on the trails. If you can, climb stairs and test your boot on a sloped surface that simulates a steep descent. Even if you buy online, you can do the same tests as soon as the boot arrives at your house before heading out on your first hike with it. By the way, when you decide that you are comfortable with your boot, start breaking it in. Use it on a walk in the city, take a few turns at home; in short, leave it in the shape of your foot so that your trail is even better.