Find your Best Setups for Sale Through EBay

When you put an item up for sale, look at other similar ads like fast intell to see what the items are selling for, pick out ideas that you like in the descriptions or for the photos, better understand the strengths and possible flaws of the object that you propose.

The Mode of Sale

You have two choices for selling on ebay: auctions or “buy it now”. You will choose according to the objects or the time you have available. The strategy will be different if it is a highly sought-after item (well-known brand, recent video game, etc.), if it is a collector’s item likely to increase in value or if it is This is an object that you want to sell quickly and the price of which will not vary much (lot of unbranded clothes, etc.). The second thing to consider is if you are looking to sell as expensive as possible or if you want to sell as quickly as possible. For selling on ebay this is most useful now.

Choose the Right Price

Consider on the one hand the lowest price that is worth the effort and time to write the ad and travel to the post office and on the other hand the ideal and fair price. You can display the first as a starting price (you can try to attract more potential buyers by putting your item up for sale at a lower price but be careful to reserve this strategy for items for which you think you will have a lot of offers. (If you are only hoping for a few bids, you better not start too low either). If it is a collector’s item or of significant value, I advise you to display the ideal price and let the market rule.

Do Not Put a Reserve Price

Are you bidding on a product with a reserve price yourself? No, so no reserve price. In ebay sales, like everything else, no one likes to be enticed by a price that is not real.

Choose the Moment of Your Publication

It is best to publish your ads on Thursday afternoon and have them last 10 days. This way you will have two weekends to attract potential buyers, and your action will end on a Sunday evening. It is important that potential buyers are available to watch the end of the auction. Remember, they try to pay as little as possible. Most will therefore have bid but not necessarily programmed a maximum bid (option possible for the buyer). You also have to rely on the “engagement theory” which states that once engaged in the auction, your potential customer could pay more than they expected if caught in the frenzy of overbidding.

Offer the Shipping Costs

Yes, it attracts buyers. You don’t have to do it systematically. You can book this offer for the most expensive items. In any case if you charge them be fair. We see sales on ebay with completely unreasonable national delivery prices which are a way of inflating the price not very honest.

Choose the Title of Your Ad Carefully

Highlight the right keywords so that your ad appears in searches and that its title makes you want to discover the article. Your title must therefore be explicit and precise. Ideally you want your ad to appear in more search results. In addition, no need to clutter the title with elements that will be specified elsewhere or visible on the photo (size, color). We therefore focus on the relevance of the words of the title but also on the catchphrase. An adjective will always attract more attention than a 100% factual headline.