How To decline An Interview Invitation

How to decline an interview can be one of the toughest questions an interviewer asks. Especially if you have never been interviewed before. Follow some simple guidelines to give yourself the best chance at not going home empty handed.

Explain why you are not interested in the job interview. Tell the person interviewing you exactly why you are not interested in the position they are offering. Do not beg for the job. (Its not them, it’s you. Take these steps to make them see that you have your job search down to a science and will not settle for anything less than the best.)

Visit AEI employment agency Maui, and they will teach you everything about how to decline an interview. Be honest and let them know that another job interview will not change things. If you feel like you are being bullied by the person interviewing you then it may be time to walk away. Never say you will not apply if they do not accept you for this job or that you feel you could do better. If you want to be hired always put yourself in the employer’s shoes. Think about what you would like to get out of working there. If they are not providing you with those things, politely thank them for their time but do not leave the hiring process until you have found what you are looking for.

Say thanks to the person for his or her time, ask if there is anything else that they can help you with, and bid them goodbye. It does no good to ruin your chances at the job offer you were hoping for just because you did not get the answers you needed from the beginning. A job interview should be considered a once in a lifetime experience where both you and the hiring organization to get to know each other. Never make any decisions based on whether you are liked or not. No matter how the interviewer or the person hiring you feel you should be treated, treat everyone the same regardless of how you are receiving them.

Consider asking others who have been interviewed for the job. They may have some great advice to give you on how to decline an interview, and they may be able to tell you about employers they have worked with before. Look to find people who are positive and have a good attitude about their work, as these are the employers hiring. When you are interviewing with a potential employer, remember that everyone there is there for a good fit and they are all there to make money with a company.

Say thank you to everyone who attended and said a few words before you signed off on your thank you letter. You should thank them for listening to your questions and for the job offer. However, after you thank them it is not necessary to offer them another job or make another offer. Once you have received your interview invitation, you can contact the employer or ask to speak with someone else if you want.

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