How to Make Sure That Your Jewelry Is Shipped Mistake-Free

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Can you remember as a child, when you sent birthday greeting cards to your grand mom and you put wrong address on that envelope?

If you have not done then perhaps someone else who is reading this post must have done sometime, however, your grand mom still loved you.

However, if you mail someone’s pearl engagement rings to wrong address then it will be wrong on your part and the receiver will never pardon you.

However, from both these examples there is one thing common and that is “one can always do a mistake”.

Mailing and shipping of such expensive item needs proper attention, experience and patience.

Remember following few tips while shipping jewelry and make sure that you don’t end up doing such mistake again.

Plan your shipments much ahead of time

Mistakes are sometimes unavoidable, but chances are more if you do it in hurry. It is necessary to either keep a handwritten list of addresses or a spreadsheet or make sure that there is no mistake about the destination.

Nowadays, you can also find good software to verify all the addresses when you have to ship many numbers of packages.

Track your shipments

Nowadays, if you choose a good courier company then you can always track your shipment and at any point of time you can know about their location.

Even your customer too can track the shipment if you can inform them the shipment details in advance. This can be quite valuable if you ever need to claim for something is lost in transit.

Package your shipment well

It is necessary that you must double-package your shipment. This will not only prevent loss and damage but will be needed as per the requirement of the insurance policy.

Review insurance policy

It is important to know every details of the insurance policy so that you must know when you must increase the coverage limits or buy your insurance from certain third-party.

There are many different insurance policies available for jewellers that may also cost you less with many other useful facilities. You must keep reviewing about the insurance policies time to time.