MBP Solutions Outsourced Management of By-products

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Business today is fast changing. New industries are cropping up by the minute, as new technology makes headway in almost all major fields. Never before has there been a stiffer competition in the market than today.

To keep up with this trend, industries and companies today have come up with an effective strategy. Outsourcing the irrelevant tasks in the business.

As such, most companies outsource all the tasks they feel are not aligned to their core activities and focus on only what matters.

Commonly outsourced tasks include IT management, Transport, waste collection and even hiring of employees.

Numerous companies are dealing with these tasks, MBP being one such company. It deals with the collection, handling and storing of industry by-products and converting them to more useful products.

The company has an Outsourced Management of By-products (OMBP) program that keeps the whole process simple and easy.

What makes OMBP Worth It?

As a company seeking to expand your market and keep up with the competition, OMBP is a program that can benefit you greatly.

While there may be several other by-product management companies available, OMBP is the best company you will find. This is because of the principles under which this service is founded.

MBP Solutions upholds three principles when delivering the OMBP service to all customers. This includes:


  • Value creation


At MBP, the focus isn’t solely on the money, the company also values value creation. Through our application experts, we ensure that you receive quality solutions for all your services.

Our methods and procedures are all designed to ensure that you receive value for each time you work with us.


  • Legal compliance


The task of collecting waste and by-products may sound quite simple, but unbelievably, it still needs legal compliance. Most industries ignore this and thus end up paying hefty fines.

MBP Solutions, on the other hand, has all the documentation and legal documents prepared. Their employees are all educated on terms and rules to followed in the business.

They’ve also integrated audits and compliance in the OMBP ensuring that you don’t run in troubles when working with our approach.


  • Development


MBP Solutions isn’t only thinking about the present services. They have a broader perspective with the by-product’s development. 

The company has therefore invested in new ways of increasing its range of by-products. They’re also working on improving their market performance and even venturing into other markets.

Therefore, by entrusting your by-products with MBP Solutions, you are assured of excellent company performance.

Other benefits of outsourcing this service include; More efficiency and productivity in your core activities, reduced spending, better profitability, and less time-wasting.

Why Choose OMBP


  • Reputation and History


MBP has been in this industry for more than a decade. Through this period, they have built a solid reputation among their customers for excellent services.

Moreover, the quality of their customers says it all. Even the ‘big’ companies trust them with their by-product’s management. Why not you?


  • Legal compliance


Legal compliance is usually the top priority for any industry. Shutting down or paying fines due to lack of compliance isn’t fun. That’s why MBP ensures that all the rules and laws are followed for both local and international services.

All employees are informed and updated on any changes in the legal compliance laws. Furthermore, audits are also included to ensure the OMBP service.  You are thus assured that your process is safe.


  • Developments and innovations


At MBP, we have a knack for innovating and finding out new by-products from your waste and by-products. With enough time, our specialists will have made a breakthrough with your waste.

Our lab services and research team enable the actualization of your waste’s potential easily.


OMBP is one of the best by-product management services you can ever get. MBP Solutions never spared a dime in ensuring that it’s not only business-friendly but also environmentally friendly.

Remember, if you are to make it in the industry, you have to adopt the modern ways of doing it. Investing in OMBP is one sure step in the right direction.

You can never go wrong with this service.