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If the lessee makes repairs that are not based on the lease with the permission of the Landlord, then the Landlord will only have taxable income in the year when the lease expires. The amount of taxable income at that time is the value at which the value of the lessor’s assets has increased and at the time of the review is the end of the lease.

Rental guarantee

Very often the tenant gives a security deposit (rent guarantee, guarantee rent, rent guarantee) to the Landlord to ensure payment of rent and good care of the apartment. Ownership of the security does not pass to the Landlord at that stage, and the security is therefore not the landlord’s taxable income at that time, regardless of how the security is provided.

If the security is returned to the tenant at the end of the tenancy, the security will not at any stage become the property of the Landlord and will not be his income.

If, on the other hand, the security is used to cover unpaid rent or to pay rent for the last months of the tenancy, the amount of security used is the lessor’s taxable income. The rent guarantee, which is not returned to the tenant at the end of the tenancy because the tenant has caused damage to the apartment, is tax-free compensation received by the Landlord. Expenses incurred for the repair are then deductible from the rental income only to the extent that they exceed the rent security and any other damage or insurance compensation. To calculate estimated taxes you can have the best result with the tax calculate.


Rental income is basically the income of the owner of the leased property. Rental income is the income of the owners in proportion to the holdings. If the property is further transferred but the right of possession is withheld by the transferor, the return on the property is the income of the holder of the right of possession.

And finally to the system of direct taxes was added the tax on doors and windows, which as its very name implies, was another form of rent tax, although it was generally advanced by the owner of the house. It is a system, if not complete and perfect, certainly admirable for its justice, simplicity and coordination. Two indispensable elements were still missing to render general the taxation on all sources of income, namely a tax on the interest on movable capital and a tax on the product of personal labor.

  • If the tenant sublets the apartment or property (for example, sublease situations), the rental income from the sublease belongs to the first tenant and the owner’s rental income is only the rent paid by the first tenant to the owner.