The Right Credit Card Merchant Processing: How You Need to Do It

The extent of the selection process and the number of steps it contains for example whether an assessment center is part of the process depends strongly on the position to be filled, the number of applications and the structure of the company. You need to know How to become a merchant account provider and then go for it.


After you have sorted it out, you need to contact all those interested. Generally, you have divided the applicants into three categories:

  • Candidates who absolutely do not meet your expectations
  • Candidates with very interesting profiles, but not suitable for the position
  • Candidates who meet the job requirements

The last group is invited by you to the next step of the application process (for example to a job interview) or receives a positive response for the new position. The first group, on the other hand, must receive a negative answer. Don’t make the mistake of not giving a response to rejected applicants. On the one hand, it gives a bad image of you as an employer; on the other hand, it will put an additional workload on you, as a large part of those interested will send you return requests.

The middle group is made up of people with an interesting profile and CV, but who are not suitable for the current position. You want to keep an eye on these people and take them into consideration for possible future job offers. Explain this situation to applicants and ask them for permission to register their application in your “talent pool”.

The Possibilities of E-Recruitment

Managing applications can be very complex, leading to the risk of being overwhelmed. This is why it makes sense to perform all or at least parts of the process using software. Good candidate management software helps deal with both sides of the process: the candidates and the business. Online recruitment services take place above all at the time of actual recruitment that is to say at the time of the job offer, management of the employer brand and talent management. The main goal of e-recruiting is therefore to attract the best talent for your business. The actual management work is of course not entirely set aside, but plays a lesser role.

E-recruitment is not a demarcating term. It refers to assisting the recruitment process using software, but sending application documents by email is not, for example, considered as part of e-recruitment, but rather as a standard.

Online and Mobile Job Offers

Most of the time e-recruitment measures take place in the form of job offers. Some companies still use, exclusively or in addition, offline channels for their search for new talent (newspapers, magazines or posters), but the majority of job offers are available on the Internet. In this context, different channels can be used. The job sites are especially popular with recruiters. Each company can publish its job offers there. Job seekers then have the ability to find suitable vacancies using search masks and sorting mechanisms.

Although some sites refer only to the contact person, including their contact details, others offer the possibility of applying directly via the portal. Typically, there is no cost to the candidate, but companies often have to pay a fee for posting the job. Some online job sites are open to all companies, while others are specialized in specific industries.

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