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Farmers run a plant cultivation business by utilizing agricultural land as a place and means of agriculture. Types of agricultural facilities are quite diverse ranging from plant seeds, agricultural fertilizers, pest pesticides, to agricultural tools. All of these agricultural facilities have their respective roles in assisting farmers in producing quality crops from agricultural cultivation.

Agriculture is an activity of utilizing biological resources to produce food, industrial raw materials, or energy sources, as well as to manage the environment. Examples of agricultural activities are plant cultivation or farming and raising livestock, including the use of microorganisms and bio enzymes.

Farm shops have a big role in the success of farmers’ cultivation businesses. Because it can be a means of sell farm equipment needed by farmers for the smooth running of their cultivation business. Helping farmers make better decisions so that farmers’ cultivation can run more effectively and efficiently.
The role of the Tomatobil online platform for partner farmers are:

Partner for Farmers

If farmers face problems regarding the use of a product, farm shop owners can help solve them. Moreover, farm shop owners have also received education about the agricultural products they sell from distributors. So that they can provide recommendations for the best products or alternatives according to the needs of farmers.

Through Tomatobil, various information related to the specifications and functions of products sold in farm shops will be listed in it. So that farmers can get education about the product before buying. Shop owners can also use Tomatobil as a guide for selling products to farmers and consumers.

Improve farmer welfare

Farm shops play a role in increasing the success rate of cultivation because they can provide input to farmers regarding the use of appropriate products. In addition, it also helps control fluctuations in the selling price of crops. Not only that, farm shops can also provide information about superior products that farmers should use so that the harvest produced is in line with expectations.

Modern Soil Tiller

One of the factors that make the increase in the success in farming or farming is the agricultural equipment used, either small or large.

It is normal for farmers to work on land preparation before carrying out the planting process and of course, tools are needed to carry out these various processes. Here are modern agricultural tools that you can use to manage soil.


A tractor is an agricultural tool that is most often used to cultivate the land for farmers. This tractor engine has a small size and some have a large size. Tractors have 2 types, namely tractors with chain wheels which are usually used in muddy soil conditions, and also tractors with two wheels which are usually used in dry soil conditions. The success factor of agriculture cannot be separated from its supports, one of which is agricultural equipment. From small tools to large ones.

Soil management can be seen as an attempt by a human being to change the nature of the soil in accordance with the needs of a human being so that it becomes more fertile. Super soil management is important in agricultural activities so that plants can grow and reproduce well. The tractor which has two wheels is a tool/machine for managing soil which is very effective in tillage because it can be paired with various parts of the tractor.


Complete Farmer Platform

Farmers are currently made easy by shopping for tools, agricultural products in a fast way, namely online goods directly to the house. Online platforms are currently being targeted by farmers for shopping in an easy & direct way. Moreover, the online platform sells agricultural equipment for all the needs of farmers.

Online agricultural stores seem to have become a daily necessity in meeting agricultural needs. Internet technology that is always in the hands of farmers is very helpful in accelerating the success of farmers.

Through smartphones, all activities related to online farm shops can be done. The activity of buying tools and infrastructure at online agricultural stores can be carried out easily through your smartphone or computer. Farmers’ activities and customs in purchasing online will also be cheaper because they can break the long shopping chain.’s online platform has experience serving farmer & farm shop customers from across the US. The online platform dares to guarantee that the goods sent will certainly come to the hands of the customer. If there are farmers and farm shops who don’t know and haven’t shopped at the farm shop, please try shopping. We are open with prices. Online shopping must be adopted and immediately put into practice in areas that have been difficult to access and isolated so that they are not left behind in getting goods.

Farmers who are currently known to be in the area must also be able to immediately adopt the online shopping method so that they can overcome the difficulties of their agricultural facility needs. Farmers who are always up to date with the news can avoid being left behind so that our farmers can move forward and move their economic capabilities more immediately.

Therefore, not only do you know how to shop online for farmers and you must have a reliable agricultural shopping area. The online platform is also a shopping area for providers of agricultural products, agricultural production, and agricultural facilities. The online platform will always provide goods services by wholesale, suitable on time & guarantee of goods to the house.

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