Using a Bitcoin ATM when Buying or Selling Bitcoin

Today, turning Bitcoin into cash can be done in many ways. One of these is by using a Paychain bitcoin atm. Bitcoin ATMs lets you purchase bitcoin using cash or a debit card. In fact, some machines even let you sell your bitcoins in exchange for cash. There are many reasons why you should use a Bitcoin ATM instead of doing transactions online. Keep reading to know why Bitcoin investors are using this machine:

Benefits of Using a Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATMs continue to spread across the globe because of the convenience they offer. Below are some of the best reasons you must try using it:

  • It does not charge a flat fee. As with regular bank ATMs, Bitcoin ATMs do not charge a flat fee. Although they could charge you high transaction fees, you will enjoy the convenience of buying or selling Bitcoins without working with a middleman.
  • There are increasing in number. There are many Bitcoin ATMs located around the world, although you may not find one in every street or city. But, these machines are growing in number every year.
  • They are fast and convenient. Consider the length of time it may take to confirm a Bitcoin transaction through other methods, these ATMs are quite fast and convenient.

Finding a Bitcoin ATM

If you want to try out a Bitcoin ATM you can find many of them worldwide. To know if there is one near you, you can use websites that let you locate nearby Bitcoin ATMs through a live worldwide map. These websites offer many handy details to know like fees, buy/sell, buy only, sell only, and limits. Indeed, they can give information on directions from where you live to the ATM you pick.

Choosing a Bitcoin ATM

When using a Bitcoin ATM for the first time, you may find the experience overwhelming because of the many kinds of ATMs available. But, to get started, input and verify your phone number. Keep in mind that some ATMs do not require this. Go to the deposit option and give your Bitcoin wallet address. You may type that information manually or scan it from your cell phone using the QR code of your wallet. Next, insert cash into the machine and wait for the transaction’s confirmation. Remember that Bitcoin ATMs work differently depending on their manufacturers. But, you should be able to get through the process successfully by following the instructions presented on the screen.