What is the Importance of Retail Packaging?

Many marketing researchers have claimed that the packaging is more of an essential nature than the product itself. This was concluded on the basis of an observation that the packaging is the first thing a consumer lays his eyes upon. It is high time marketers must realize the importance of retail packaging. Let this article help by Netpak Retail packaging by being your guide.

The text on packaging

Text on any kind of packaging must be easily readable. No one wants to strain their eyes on a piece of text or a lettering. The writing must be absolutely clear. Text must also be big enough to be read easily from a shorter distance and the most essential information must always be written in a bigger font. You don’t want your customers to spend a long time to know the name of your brand or your product. If you are wanting your product to be more luxurious, then always use uppercase letters in a simple format. And for cheap products, serif or sans serif fonts are used.

Color of packaging

Color is also one of the most essential components on letting people perceive certain product packaging. When you use darker, deeper and lush packaging, it signifies that the product is luxury and expensive. When you choose lighter or whiter color, they are deemed price accessible products. you need to be consistent with your packaging patterns so as to make it easy for the customers to recognize your brand or product. At most, you can try to be consistent by choosing only one or two colors in your packaging.

Logos and/or pictures

All products must have their own logos. Consumers tend to link the logo to the product. Your logo must not be too congested. As a matter of fact, using simple and symmetrical logos with straight lines and simple pictures are usually deemed as luxury brands. When you use curvy, asymmetrical and circular logos, they are linked with value items. A research claims that when you align the text to the right side of the package, they tend to remember the name better, and placing the logo on the left side of the package as this will help in registering the pictures in the customers’ mind in a better way.

Going green

Nowadays, businesses are becoming more conscious about environment and it may directly be reflected on the package design as well. But, keep in mind that luxury items are in a different category than the major useful items like TVs and computers that may call for transport packaging, where the consumer may get upset at the waste of materials.