Who Can Do Certified Translations

Every state-certified and publicly sworn translator may produce certified translations.

For this, he must prove a suitable qualification before a district court. The translator must take an oath that he will faithfully convey the word. Interpreters must each time perform this oath separately in legal proceedings. If the translator or interpreter fulfills all requirements, he will be granted the right to do certified translations for his language, and he will receive a corresponding stamp.

The certification confirms that a sworn translator has completed the translations and is by his name, signature, and stamp responsible for the correctness and completeness of the translation. Such a translation is recognized by all public bodies, such as courts, authorities, and police.

When Exactly Do I Need A Certified Translation

In principle, a certified translation is required for the following documents:

  • Documents of any kind: birth or marriage certificate, civil status certificate, certificate of marriage certificate, etc.
  • Contracts
  • Complaints
  • Judicial letters/decisions
  • Certificates: certificate of employment, school report, study certificate, degrees, academic degree
  • Identity papers, driver’s licenses
  • Registry extracts

Certification can guarantee that the translation is equivalent to the source language document. This is usually provided for in all legal proceedings, business deals, applications, or in general for submission to authorities by law.

How Much Is A Certified Translation

It is not possible to charge a lump sum for a certified translation. These depend on the scope, the subject content, the workload (formatting and research work), and the set deadline. Please always send the document in advance by e-mail, so that a price can be set.

How Long Does The Translation Take

As a rule, a Korean translation [terjemahan bahasa korea which is the term in Indonesia] of documents, which usually have a volume of one or two Din A4 pages, are completed within 1-3 days. Any other type of translation depends, as already mentioned in the costs, on the scope, content, and workload, such as formatting and research.