You May Begin Your Financial Journey with an Interest-Bearing Account

What is an interest-bearing account? 

Bank accounts that pay interest allow you to keep your money secure while generating income. When you put money into an interest-bearing account, the bank pays you interest (money) depending on a percentage of your account balance.

Savings account: This is the gold standard of interest-bearing funds. Most banks provide savings accounts, the most basic and common type of accounts. In addition, most institutions let you link your savings and checking accounts so you may transfer money back and forth.

High-yield savings account: These accounts often provide more remarkable interest rates than ordinary banks. This is because online-only banks, credit unions, and the online banking divisions of conventional banks mainly offer these accounts.

Here are five excellent justifications for opening a checking account that pays interest.

  1. Profit

Whether or not you have a savings account, your money may work for you in an interest-bearing checking account. You may achieve both your spending and saving goals by opening an interest-bearing checking account, which gives your money a chance to grow.

  1. Flexibility

You must frequently deposit money into an account with potential withdrawal restrictions to earn interest. You may always withdraw, deposit, and spend your money in any way you choose with a checking account that pays interest. In the meanwhile, the money you don’t utilize collects interest. Due to the funds’ flexibility, you may be more adaptable without risking the depreciation of your assets.

  1. Security

The National Credit Union Administration reliably backs most interest-bearing credit union checking accounts, including those at Coosa Valley Credit Union (NCUA). The federal government guarantees the cash in your account through the NCUA.

  1. Little to no fees

Several interest-bearing checking accounts have minimal or no opening fees. By maintaining a minimum balance, you can worry-free watch your money earn interest.

  1. Special Deals

Several additional advantages come with an interest-bearing checking account, including limitless debit card use, internet banking, overdraft protection, accessibility to mobile applications, automated paycheck deductions, and more. In addition, our Checking-Plus account at Coosa Valley Credit Union enables you to issue checks and earn benefits as your account balance rises.


With the help of an interest-bearing account, you may safely store your money while earning a little additional income. Your money is still quite accessible. The funds have insurance. You can rest knowing that if you deposit money into your interest-bearing account at night, it will still be there when you wake up.

Your portfolio may contain both interest-bearing accounts and investment accounts. With an interest-bearing account, you may increase your income while maintaining the security of your funds and having quick access to them. On the other hand, you can use an investing account as a viable long-term solution to assist you in achieving financial objectives like retirement. One such illustration of an investing account is an IRA.