Get The Business Profits You Deserve with an Accessibility Overlay

Most businesses often overlook the importance of web accessibility when they create their websites. This is where they are unable to tap into many sales opportunities from users with disabilities. In recent years, the above subject has been gaining a lot of prominence because the number of ADA lawsuits related to web accessibility has increased in the courts of law. Businesses are churning out large sums of money as penalties. Now, the question is, what is preventing businesses from implementing accessibility on their sites?

Why do you need an accessibility overlay for your business?

The prime reason most business websites cannot attain web accessibility is that the task is very expensive if they use traditional methods. Most business owners bank on templates for their websites, and they generally are not created with the goal of web accessibility in mind. However, the modern market has evolved, and the demand for web-accessible sites is in high demand.

However, there is a safe accessibility overlay, equipped with advanced technologies and highly affordable by AccessiBe, that caters to the needs of small to medium scale business owners who find maintaining web accessibility for their sites to be financially taxing. It is an automated tool that scans your site every 24 hours to make it fully compliant without hassles at all! This tool has the power of artificial intelligence along with features to make web accessibility a comfortable experience for users.

Make your website WCAG 2.1 and ADA compliant

In case you are not sure whether your site is WCAG 2.1 and ADA compliant, you can go on to test it by entering the URL of your site domain with the compliance tool for testing under AccessiBe. You just need to enter the site address and get results in just some seconds. This test gives you an insight into how well the site is doing when it comes to compliance and the areas where you need to work on to make it fully compliant.

This tool is called aCe, and you can use it for checking your site for web accessibility issues. It is free of cost and recommended for business owners who have not tested the accessibility levels of their site as yet.

Affordable pricing plans for you to choose from

The biggest advantage of using the accessibility tool from AccessiBe is that you get the advantages of different pricing plans. You can go through these pricing plans and choose the one that suits your business’s needs and budget with success.

With the right accessibility overlay for your business site, you do not have to worry about hefty fines and lawsuits pertaining to web accessibility. The features of AccessiBe’s tool offer your business a lot of value for money.

Website accessibility is a civil right for all users online. When you focus on it, this shows you are a socially and digitally responsible business. You are able to reach out to a large number of users with disabilities with success and open the doors for them to become your potential loyal customers with success!