Hydraulic Cylinder Repair: See the Importance


If having an idle and unproductive industry scares you, then one of the most important activities is hydraulic cylinder repair. In addition to being a preventive measure, this action can avoid financial losses and even workplace accidents.

The Importance of the Hydraulic Cylinder

In a manufacturing or industrialization process, the hydraulic cylinder is the part that generates movement to the machinery. A mechanical actuator receives a command and applies force in a linear path. Its main function is to transform the hydraulic force trigger into mechanical force, collaborating for the necessary operations in that equipment.

Therefore, from time to time, it is essential to repair. Not only when the part is damaged for some reason, but whenever it shows some wear and tear. Factors to consider include ambient temperature, operating media/chemicals, and other fluids or materials present.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Hydraulic cylinder repair must be done periodically in large and small industries. Some warnings that it is time to hire a specialized company for this are:

  • Deformation in the shirt
  • Damage or scratches on the stem
  • Damage to seals
  • oil leak and
  • Pressure loss

Also, if the part has been dismantled for some reason, it is crucial to perform cylinder repair. This task is developed from an internal cleaning of the equipment jacket.  Before installing the hydraulic cylinder in the machine, there is a test to check the pressure performance and if there is oil leakage or abnormalities in the seals.

Benefits of Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Check out the benefits of hydraulic cylinder repair for your company:

Reduces accidents at work

Damaged parts can impair the performance of machinery and cause work accidents.

That is why it is essential always to check if there is a problem with the cylinder and carry out preventive maintenance with specialized companies.

Increases Productive Capacity

Hydraulic cylinder repair provides a significant increase in the productive capacity of industries. With this gain, it is possible to produce more and, in less time, value even the company’s profitable performance.

Avoid Extra Expenses

Having a broken part can cause several other problems for the machinery in your industry, generating even more unnecessary and unexpected expenses, disrupting the business’s financial health.

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