How to choose the color of the logo?

When choosing a product among many counterparts, the potential buyer subconsciously chooses the one he likes by color, and only then he reads the description, the important characteristics of the product. For example, if an adult watches an advertisement and doesn‘t like it, he will be skeptical about the product offered. If the selection and combination of colors for the logo attracts the attention of potential customers, then the brand quickly becomes popular and the firm repeatedly increases its profits. It is not necessary to chase fashion trends, as they are changeable and what is popular now, after a while will be ridiculous and ridiculous.

Hence, the importance of color in the logo and there is a question of its proper selection. Today, together with Turbologo, we’ll figure out how to choose the best option. In the meantime, let’s find out what a logo is and why it’s needed.

What is a logo and why do I need one?

A logo is a graphic image that acts as the face of a company. Often, it reflects the name and essence of the business that owns a particular logo.

The main purpose of a logo is to identify the manufacturer of a product or service firm and to lead the customer to make a purchase. Advertising should act on the senses of the potential client – it must attract the color of packaging, it should see and remember the stylish logo, the presence of sound must match the advertised product, for example, to advertise a children’s center must use the laughter of a child or positive feedback from parents. Choosing how many colors to apply in the logo, you should consider all the details. A proportional relationship between the emotional, optical and rational components in the design, allows you to attract the attention of consumers and take a certain place in the market.

Meanings of colors

  • Red color

Red is the color of passionate and loving relationships, defiant behavior, energy and admiration. Red hues represent the power and grandeur of a company and are associated with wealth and luxurious living. To use red colors for a logo is necessary to be very careful, because from the psychological point of view, it provokes aggressive behavior. It is best to use red colors in details, not for the general background.

  • Yellow

Yellow is associated with sunshine and warmth, and makes people feel good. In this case the yellow color attracts attention, especially in combination with contrasting colors – blue, green, black. Use yellow for the logo should be firms engaged in holiday organizations, selling products for children, making confectionery products.

  • Blue

Blue is the color of tranquility, trust and friendliness. Exactly the shades of blue were chosen to create such popular social networks as Twitter, VKontakte, Skype. Looking at the blue logo, the consumer will subconsciously consider the company to be stable and safe. Cooler shades can cool down overly emotional people and get their attention for important issues.

  • Orange

The orange palette is a mix of intriguing reds and positive yellows. Orange symbolizes kindness, comfort, and simplicity. It is worth using in the symbolism of family cafes, pastry shops.

  • Green

Green is associated with environmental companies, nature reserves, parks, organizations that agitate for a healthy lifestyle and the use of safe products.

  • Violet

A complex cold color, obtained by mixing blue and red colors, is a symbol of aristocracy and power. Violet is associated with mystery and spirituality.

  • Black

Brands in various social categories, which already have worldwide popularity, emphasize their sophistication and attractiveness with black and white logos. Do not choose this color as the main color in the logo of those companies that have just appeared on the market or have fame only in very narrow circles. If you open a company and plan to organize children’s parties and birthday parties, you should not use black and white colors in your logo design.

How to choose color combinations for a logo?

The right color scheme is the key to creating a memorable logo. The best colors for a company logo are those that meet the requirements of the organization’s policy and can interest the consumer. Long studies in the field of psychology, have found that the corporate color has a strong psychological impact on both employees and customers. The first thing a customer pays attention to is the color scheme of the brand, and that can be the deciding factor when a person decides to place an order.

For a brand to be recognizable for an audience of any age and gender, its logo should be universal and at the same time intrusive, convincing people to buy the product. Today, social media trends help create style in clothing, music and other household products.

Considering the marketing plan for the development of the company for several years to come, it is necessary to understand that the choice of corporate color for the logo today determines the entire future advertising concept. It is worth knowing the description of the color of the logo, to be able to justify it. It is important to consider the relationship between the economic industry and the meaning of colors in logo design. Companies associated with health care and medicine should choose cool, restraining colors. The most popular logo colors – all shades of blue evoke trust, white is a symbol of purity and nobility.

Monochrome images with text minimalist, they can be placed on any advertising background, but using one or two colors for the logo, similar in tone, there is a risk of a faded inconspicuous image. To make the logo memorable and recognizable in the market, it is worth choosing a few achromatic colors, such as using a combination of four colors for a logo for children’s clothing.

The bright, beautiful colors chosen for the logo should be memorable to consumers and remind them of the quality of the brand’s products. Use a multi-component scheme should be carefully, the overall picture will be formed depending on the quality of detailing and the number of colors in the logo.


Color is an important component of a logo, without which it is almost impossible to get a good emblem. So, for your logos to be perfect, follow everything we told you about in our material, as well as choose the right colors and combinations. If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll notice how much the logo has had a positive impact on your business. Good luck!