When a car accident occurs in California, how long does it take to resolve the claim?

The state of California sees an average of ten car accidents per day, each with the potential to cause serious bodily harm and monetary devastation. After an accident, even one that was not your fault, it’s normal to feel unsure and furious. Compensation for your losses may be difficult to get depending on the specifics of your case.

A California car accident claim should be submitted as soon as possible after another motorist has caused your vehicle to be involved in an accident. You should find out how insurance works after a California car accident and when you should submit a civil claim against another motorist. It’s natural to be concerned about the potential timeline you face while seeking compensation for your losses as you tally up the costs and fight to heal from painful ailments and the incapacity to work. Consider to hire an experienced attorney.

How California Finds Who’s at Blame in a Vehicle Wreck

Finding out who was at blame in a car crash is the first stage in settling a claim for damages. Gather evidence and witness testimony to prove the other motorist is liable for your damages if a collision occurred recently. The initial observations of responding police officers at the scene of the accident will be documented in the police report, making it an essential document in establishing fault.

You can seek compensation for your losses by filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s motor insurance company. Assigning financial responsibility for auto accidents in California is based on blame, hence all drivers are required to carry liability insurance. An attorney can help you submit your insurance claim and collect the documentation you need to prove fault for your recent vehicle accident.

Problems with Insurance

Resolving a car accident claim with the insurance carrier of the negligent motorist can take a few weeks to a few months. Drivers are expected to notify their insurance carriers of collisions as quickly as possible, usually within a few days. Thus, you should notify not just your insurance company but also the insurance company for the motorist who caused the accident and that you expect to submit a claim soon. First, you should talk to a skilled vehicle accident attorney who can advise you on how to maximise your insurance payment.